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L B Maintenance can install a new shower for your home or rental property.

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There are many different options when it comes to installing a new acrylic shower cubicle in your bathroom, form different sizes to frames and colours. Although there are many unique options to make, there is one common factor they all have, and that is when a shower cubicle is not installed correctly It will cause a leaky shower. 

A shower cubicle may seem like a very basic item to install; however, the slightest installation fault can lead to frustration for many years to come. This can range from a severe plumbing leak, not enough adhesive applied behind the shower liner or incorrect installation of the liner or frame components.  

Correct installation of a shower needs to be prepared correctly, have a licensed plumber to install the plumbing & tray, and the shower lining & doors carried out by shower installation specialists. If you have a new build property needing shower installations of acrylic liner & glass doors or have purchased a shower for your home or rental and need an installation service contact us today! 

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