Shower Repairs


We have a wide range of options available including liner & frame replacement options.

L B Maintenance can fix your existing shower in your home or rental property. This is a great way to save money if a new shower installation is beyond your budget.

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A shower repair can be needed for a variety of reasons including cracks in the shower tray and acrylic wall linings, shattered glass and most commonly, leaking showers. We have a variety of options available dependent on what’s needed, including frame only & liner only replacements. If your shower requires a full removal & replacement, we can quote for that too! From removal & plumbing needs to Supply & Installation, we can take care of the whole process for you.

Common signs a shower is leaking & needs repair or replacement:

Water pooling outside the shower area, or water emerging from the wall of the shower enclosure.

Damage, cracks or mould to the walls, floor or skirting.

Water damage is apparent on the other side of the wall/floor in a different segment of the house directly beside or below the shower cubicle.

Cracked or damaged acrylic liner or tray.

Why does my shower leak:

  • Incorrect installation practices
  • Break in the silicone around the frame or channels.
  • Cracks or delaminating of trays and linings.
  • Water is getting behind the liner due to insufficient silicone or incorrect liner application.
  • Your shower has begun to deteriorate due to age and excessive usage over time.
  • Plumbing fixtures or pipes may have a leak.

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